Why does YouTube not Show the ‘Dislike’ Count? | Q&A

There can be several reasons why websites or platforms may choose to remove the dislike button or a similar feature. Here are a few possible reasons:

  1. Reducing negativity: Dislike buttons can contribute to a negative and toxic online environment. By removing the dislike button, platforms aim to promote more positive interactions and discourage users from engaging in unconstructive criticism or spreading negativity.
  2. Discouraging harassment and bullying: Dislike buttons can be misused to target individuals or groups with harassment or bullying. Removing this feature can help mitigate such behavior and protect users from online abuse.
  3. Engagement metrics: Some websites remove the dislike button because negative ratings or dislikes can impact the visibility and reputation of the content or the person posting it. In order to prevent negative feedback from affecting engagement metrics, platforms may choose to remove the dislike button altogether.
  4. User feedback: Websites might have received feedback from users suggesting that the dislike button is often misused or leads to unnecessary conflicts. In response to such feedback, the platform may decide to remove the feature to improve the user experience and foster healthier discussions.
  5. Platform-specific reasons: Each platform has its own unique considerations. For instance, social media platforms may choose to remove the dislike button to maintain a positive environment and prevent online arguments, while video sharing platforms might remove it to avoid discouraging content creators from posting.

It’s important to note that the decision to remove the dislike button is ultimately made by the platform or website itself, based on their specific goals, user feedback, and the overall experience they want to provide to their users.

Doolly Noted

To get an idea how many ‘dislikes’ some content has on the internet, compare the Views and Likes it has.

If a video or post has 20 million views with about 300K Likes, you can roughly judge that the content may have a lot more ‘dislikes’ than ‘likes.‘

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