Bamboozle | Definition

To bamboozle means to deceive or trick someone, often by confusing or misleading them with false information or actions.


  1. The con artist tried to bamboozle the elderly couple into giving him their life savings.
  2. The politician’s speech was designed to bamboozle the audience into believing his lies.
  3. The magician was able to bamboozle the audience with his impressive sleight of hand tricks.
  4. The salesman tried to bamboozle me with false promises and exaggerated claims about the product.
  5. The prankster attempted to bamboozle his friends by pretending to be someone else on social media.

Words Worth Noting

bamboozle, deceive, trick, false information, confuse, misleading, con artist, politician, speech, audience, lies, magician, sleight of hand, salesman, false promises, exaggerated claims, product, prankster, friends, social media

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