Snake on Meth: The Unlikely Story of a Python’s Rehabilitation

In 2018, an unusual incident occurred in Australia when a python was found to have become addicted to methamphetamine. The python, which had been kept as a pet by a drug dealer, was discovered by police during a raid on a drug house in New South Wales.

It was found that the python had been exposed to the drug through the environment and had developed a dependence on it. The snake was showing signs of aggressive behavior, muscle spasms, and other symptoms of withdrawal when it was taken into custody by the police.

Due to the unique situation, the snake was taken to a prison rehabilitation facility run by Corrective Services NSW in Sydney. The facility, which normally provides rehabilitation for drug-addicted inmates, took on the task of helping the python overcome its addiction.

The python, which was given the name “Sammy,” was placed in a special enclosure and kept under close observation by the facility’s staff. The staff used a technique called “cold turkey” to help the snake overcome its addiction, gradually reducing the amount of methamphetamine it was exposed to until it was completely drug-free.

Over time, Sammy’s behavior improved, and it started to display more typical python behavior, such as slithering and coiling. After several weeks of rehabilitation, the snake was deemed ready to be released back into the wild.

The story of the drug-addicted python made headlines around the world and drew attention to the issue of drug addiction among animals. It also highlighted the innovative approaches that can be taken to rehabilitate animals that have been exposed to drugs and other harmful substances.

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