Distilled Water: Is it Safe to Drink Pure H2O? | Q&A

In a world where tap water is often treated with chemicals and pollutants, the quest for pure and safe drinking water has become increasingly important. One option that has gained popularity is distilled water, which claims to offer the purest form of H2O by removing impurities through a meticulous purification process. But is distilled water truly safe to drink?


Yes. While many will say, “No! You’ll lose, or won’t get necessary minerals and electrolytes!” Note, humans that say this fail to mention that you get these things from the foods you eat, such as: Fruits, vegetables, nuts, salted foods, etc. You can also just add a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to get the trace minerals you’d receive from other water, and then some, but if you do already have a well balanced diet, you should be fine with drinking pure clean water. Though, you may not like the bland taste, but let’s be real, it’s simply JUST water without the bs. If you like, you can add a squeeze of lemon, honey, herb extract, or whatever you like really, options are endless. You can even add your own minerals if you’re concerned with not getting enough mineral content in your diet, as mentioned prior.

Water is BIG Business

Remember, there is big money in bottle water. Companies want consumers to drink their water with their special combination of fruit plant extract Essences, epsom salt, or alka-seltzer like chemical combinations, to give their water a unique taste. In reality, it’s all a gimmick to sell you “special” water. Nothing truly beneficial is added, it’s all basically to make the overpriced water, taste different. Which is mostly likely just cheap filtered or purified water tap water that may still contain hidden DNA altering substances chemicals, endocrine disrupters, and/or PFAS. Though, many do put in the effort to clean the water the best they can but there is always something better, like distilled. If hospitals and scientists use it in labs, it should be good for the body, right? We are all made up of chemicals, too, and Dexter would tell you that he uses nothing but clean distilled H2O in his laboratory while he works on concoctions because things won’t come out right, if not.

So What’s in Water Nowadays?

Do you really want to know? Could be a large number of things. Ranging from microplastics to heavy metals, PFAS, hormone distributors, and controversial fluoride that many governments add to water systems to medicate humans, if you will, to help save their teeth, apparently. Frankly, humans are consuming too much of it, because it’s, well, in everything! Most foods, canned, fast food, most restaurants entrees, etc…

Best Distilled Water?

At this time, it is believed that extracted deep well water that then goes through distillation may be the best and purest form of water. Why? Water in deep wells gets naturally purified by the earth, rocks, soil, etc, while contaminants such as PFAS and microplastics get stripped away and remain near earth’s surface/environment, which is unfortunate but that’s what is happening at this time. This water then gets another cleaning, through distillation, removing any other minerals and/or contaminants.

So is it safe?

Simply put, yes. Just be sure you eat a well-balanced diet, or add a pinch of pink Himalayan salt in a cup of it, so you’re getting your minerals. Now, raise a glass of pure clean H2O, and let’s cheers.