Crazy World | Poem

The world we live in is quite insane, A place of beauty and of pain. It’s a wild ride, a crazy dance, A whirlwind of chance and circumstance.

We see the beauty in a sunset’s glow, But also witness the bombs explode. We hear the laughter of children at play, But also the screams of those who fray.

The world is a canvas, a masterpiece, But also a nightmare, a beast. It’s a place of wonder, of awe, But also a place of fear and awe.

We see the light in a mother’s love, But also the darkness in a murderer’s shove. We witness the kindness of a stranger’s hand, But also the cruelty of a bully’s stand.

The world is a paradox, a mystery, Full of contradictions and history. It’s a place we all call home, Yet it’s a place we all roam.

So let us embrace this crazy world, With all its beauty and its swirl. Let us live with love and grace, And make the world a better place.

chaos | madness | beauty | injustice | pain | confusion | diversity | conflict | resilience | hope | fear | wonder | cruelty | love | destruction | creation | paradox | harmony | dissonance | absurdity