Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is a subscription-based service offered by Twitter that provides exclusive features to its users for a monthly fee. Some of the features that Twitter Blue offers include the ability to undo tweets, organize bookmarks into folders, access to a reader mode, custom app icons and gives you a verification badge or blue checkmark. Twitter Blue is now a global feature.

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  1. Undo Tweets: This feature allows users to undo their tweets before they are officially posted.
  2. Bookmark Folders: Users can create folders to organize their bookmarks and easily find them later.
  3. Reader Mode: This feature provides a clutter-free reading experience by removing ads and other distractions from the screen.
  4. Custom App Icons: Users can choose from a range of icons to personalize the appearance of their Twitter app.
  5. Dedicated Customer Support: Twitter Blue subscribers get access to dedicated customer support for their queries and issues.
  6. Color Themes: Twitter Blue offers additional color themes to customize the appearance of the app.
  7. Advanced Tweet Composer: This feature provides additional options for composing tweets, including the ability to add a background image.
  8. Offline Access to Bookmarks: Users can access their bookmarked content even when they are offline.
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