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Seedling A seedling is a very young plant that is in its early stages of growth. It usually starts as a small sprout emerging from the soil, with a thin stem, a pair of leaves, and a tiny root system. With proper care and nurturing, the seedling grows into a mature plant over time.

How Do We Find Our Purpose and Passion in Life? | Q&A

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as finding one’s purpose and passion in life can be a complex and personal journey. However, some strategies that may be helpful include self-reflection, exploring new experiences, seeking inspiration from others, and being open to change and growth. Long Answer Finding one’s purpose and passion in life […]


Success Not Served on Silver Platter | Quote

“Success is not served on a silver platter, it’s a feast that you must hunger for, work hard for, and continually strive towards with unrelenting passion and determination.” What is Unrelenting Passion and Determination? Unrelenting passion and determination refer to an unwavering commitment to achieving a particular goal or outcome. It is a state of […]