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Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry, famous for his role as Chandler Bing on “Friends,” had a successful career but also battled addiction. He passed away in 2023, leaving a lasting legacy as both a talented actor and an advocate for addiction recovery. Long Version Matthew Perry was a renowned American actor, best known for his iconic portrayal of […]


Striking Writers Fear that AI Could Script a Sitcom

Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing at a rapid pace and has already shown its potential in a variety of industries. One of the latest areas where AI is being explored is in the field of creative writing. While AI-generated text has been in use for some time, there are now fears among some striking writers […]


The Day Australia Switched to Color Television: March 1, 1975

On March 1, 1975, Australia switched from black and white to color television, which was made possible by advancements in technology and new broadcasting standards. The introduction of color television had a significant impact on Australian society, influencing the way people watched television, the design of television sets, and the content of programs. Long Version […]


Aliens Never Visit Earth | Joke

Why do aliens never visit our solar system? Because they checked the reviews and we only have one star! Hashtags for Social #Aliens #SpaceHumor #ScienceFiction #UFOJokes #Astronomy #Universe #Comedy #OneLiners #Puns #Entertainment #Sarcasm #Satire #Irony #PopCulture #HumorWebsite #FunnyStories #ExtraterrestrialLife #InterstellarJokes #LaughOutLoud #JustForLaughs